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Are you up to date on all the most recent Instagram Updates ? Social media platforms bring changes so quickly, and Instagram releases updates even faster. Keeping up with these changes is critical for maintaining a competitive edge and effectively engaging with your target audience. Let’s go over the most recent Instagram changes that you might not be aware of or understand how to use in order to help you stay informed and adapt your business to them.

Let’s list out the latest Instagram updates of 2022.

  • ‘Not Interested’ option on Instagram: Instagram is an excellent tool for keeping up with the lives of your loved ones, friends, and favorite celebrities. There is, however, a lot of stuff that you might not find interesting. A new ‘Not Interested’ feature may be of use . if you frequently scroll through topics that don’t interest you. In the top right corner, you can see three dots. Simply press the three dots to choose the ‘Not Interested’ option when you encounter a post in your feed that you are not interested in. Following that, Instagram will strive to display less of this kind of content to you going forward.
  • The Instagram app now offers scheduling for posts: Finally, Instagram posts can now be scheduled directly from the app. Allowing users to specify a publication date for their posts increases the user’s convenience. The feature prohibits cross-posting to other Instagram accounts or social media networks. To schedule your post, go to Advanced Settings while creating your post, click on Schedule, and select the desired publication time.
  • A feed on Instagram without advertisements or suggested posts: Finally, you may now use your Instagram feed, which only contains updates from the people you follow. It’s as simple as clicking Instagram in the top left corner and selecting “Following.”
  • Pinnable Instagram Grid: You can now pin your posts to the top of your Instagram grid thanks to the most recent update. Social media platforms like Twitter already have this function available.
  • Instagram Stories for 60 seconds: Instagram is gradually adding another useful feature. Without the annoying cuts after every 15 seconds, users can upload Instagram Stories for up to 60 seconds.

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